Marry me!

Marry me!

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Contact1980 turned 3 today!

Contact1980 turned 3 today!

More widgets? - Zero to Hero day 10

The Zero to Hero Day 10 challenge is to add some more widgets to my blog.

The problem is that when I was first introduced to widgets, I went mad and added all the cool ones I thought would help to navigate around my blog.  I shall therefore politely…

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Following more blogs - Zero to Hero day 9

The day 9 challenge for Zero to Hero was a walk in the park.

I have been overwhelmed by followers and also by the many blogs I find interesting and already follow.  It’s amazing that by following more blogs, followers come back your way too and I often…

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Expanding my “About” page - Zero to Hero day 8

Today’s challenge was to elaborate and improve my About page.  I must say, when looking at it again, it was rather boring.

I have expanded on the page a little bit, starting to tell a story, a story that will grow as my blog grows.  I read the About 101po…

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Customising my blog some more - Zero to Hero Day 7

Just when you thought you could not make your blog any prettier, the Zero to Hero team teaches you something new :)

Today’s challenge was to customise my blog some more, by inserting a header and background and also looking at the fonts and colours of the…

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A new element to my posts - Zero to Hero day 6

I have some major catching up to do with the Zero to Hero Challenge, since I am only doing day 6′s challenge now, on day 17.  I am still dedicated to this challenge, and will try and catch up so that I do day 30 on the 30th day.

So, without any further…

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Dicas de livros, filmes e histórias inéditas direto do meio da Amazônia:

Following topics and other blogs - Zero to Hero Day 4

The 4th day’s Zero to Hero challenge was to follow other blogs and topics.  By the time I had read this, I had already followed several other blogs and a couple of topics, including “zerotohero”.

This will probably grow as we go along.

Now, let’s go see…

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What is on my mind - Zero to Hero Day 3 (The first real whenishower post)

Today’s Zero to Hero challenge is to write about the post that was on my mind when I decided I wanted to blog.

The truth is, I didn’t really have anything specific on my mind to blog, since I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for quite some time.…

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My Blog’s Title - Zero to Hero Day 2

Firstly, let me apologise for only posting the second day’s challenge now.  I had a rather busy weekend and as much as I wanted to, I simply did not have an opportunity to blog (so I’ll be catching up a bit now).

Secondly, THANK YOU to the people who have…

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2014 backpacker trip
Plan your next vacation !